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Spread It Around

China’s coal power grid causes huge amounts global pollution. It is estimated that on a given day, up to 25% of the pollution over Los Angeles originated in China. According to the World Bank, China’s pollution related health costs amount to 4.3% of its GDP! If you buy Chinese goods, your contributing to this (rapid)destruction of the environment. Sure “Made In China” is hard to avoid these days, but with minimal effort you would be surprised how easy it is to spread your purchases around to Malaysia, Korea, Taiwan, India, Turkey, etc. Lets make the global economy truly global!

Buy Local

Trucking of goods from distant producers contributes to pollution and traffic. Smaller local producers are also more likely to use sustainable and ecoconscience practices. Profits from your purchases are taxed locally, directly benefiting the roads you travel and the quality of the schools in your area. Salaries paid by the producer sustain regional economic growth.

•    Buy locally grown/produced food: If you live in New England like I do, buy Cabot Cheddar instead of Kraft; Hannaford cold cuts instead of Hormel or Healthy Choice; Stoneyfield Farms Dairy instead of Hood.•   When shopping for clothes, but the items made in the USA or Mexico, not shipped across the ocean on a heavily polluting diesel powered cargo ship. A simple “USA” search when browsing most online retailers will return the items manufactured domestically. Avoid The Gap, Banana Republic, and Old Navy, besides looking like everyone else, you won’t be able to find clothes made domestically.Try these companies:

American Apparel
New Ballance
Zappos with “USA” search
Eddie Bauer with “USA” search

How many lights do you regularly use at night? Replace these with Compact Fluorescent bulbs. Same light output, 25% the energy. These blubs are coming down in price so grab a dozen from your local independent hardware store and notice the difference each month on your electric bill.

I recently ordered a few bulbs from a great online store that sells every bulb you can imagine. For the greener of us, they stock a full selection of compact fluorescent bulbs. They have bulbs for every fixture you can imagine. They also stock a full selection of LED lighting as well, but the prices on LED lights are not very competitive (even though the bulb basically never has to be replaced). Stick with compact fluorescents unless the LED light will save you from lugging out the ladder to change a difficult bulb.

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