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Russian Akula-class Attack Subs Patrolling US Coastal Waters

A story reminiscent of the cold-war submarine tailing and territorial water patrols (see Sontag and Drew’s great book Blind Man’s Bluff), 2 Russian nuclear attack subs have been paroling the coastal waters of the US. The New York Times broke the story a few weeks ago and Bill Gertz followed up with additional detail suggesting that one of the subs had gone undetected through the Gulf of Mexico. The nature of brinksmanship and submarine espionage requires hiding ones capabilities of detection while pushing the limits of stealth in other’s territorial waters. In reality we can assume that nothing goes undetected across the Atlantic or Pacific and numerous classified US Naval capabilities were tracking at least every-other move of this ghostly intruder, likely recording invaluable data to aid in the future tracking.

The Akula‘s are designed to destroy our ballistic missile submarines to prevent them from launching a ballistic missile strike, but the last place to do that is close to American shores. Our SSBNs are likely lurking only a few hundred miles off the coast of the Eurasian continent where they can end life as we know it in under 15 minutes.

This expeditionary deployment does point to a more aggressive stance of the Russian military.


Coolest Mil-Tech Of The Moment: Autonomous MH-6

What is scarier than a flight of Ah-64 Longbow Apaches and MH-6 Little Birds ready to engage? How about a fleet of unmanned MH-6s commanded by the Apaches!

Boeing photo
The optionally piloted (OPV) MH-6 can be armed worth 0.50 cal guns, rockets, and/or Hellfire missiles, all tied into the operator. The Apache can control the MH-6′s sensors, fire weapons, and have the MH-6 designate targets.
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Google Earth Sightseeing

Ships under construction: 32 42’13.28″N,129 49’24.45″E
Chinese aircraft carrier under development: 38 56’29.16″N,121 38’39.95″E
FEDEX Air Force, Memphis, TN: 35 3’44.85″N, 89 57’59.95″W
Puget Sound Naval Shipyard: 47 33’21.77″N,122 38’39.66″W
Philadelphia Naval Shipyard: 39 53’22.37″N,75 11’0.91″W
Naval Station Mayport:
Carriers, LCS, others.
30 23’47.32″N,81 24’27.57″W
Anderson AFB, Guam: 13 35’23.63″N,144 56’50.12″E
Port Of Hong Kong: 22 19’43.93″N,114 7’41.56″E
Persian Gulf Drilling Rigs: 25 21’58.91″N,55 22’56.57″W
Dubai Dry Dock:(21 workers killed in 2002) 25 15’02.43″N,55 16’5.73″E
Baltimore Hathaway Island: 39 12’54.56″N,76 29’3.74″W
Diego Garcia:
Note 4 bubble structures.
Prefab hangers for B-2 stealth bombers. 7 19’19.33″S,72 25’30.18″E
Pre-Positioning Fleet: 7 17’26.13″S,72 26’47.54″ E
Yosemite Valley: 37 44’31.77″N,119 33’33.76″W
Sun Valley, ID: 43 40’32.91″N,114 23’52.58″W
Park City, UT: 40 38’23.54″N,111 30’15.48″W
Greenland Glacier: 68 34’05.58″N,32 33’36.94″W
Mt. Everest: 28 0’00.72″N,86 53’31.51″E
Dunes in Australia: 23 0’14.01″S,130 30’56.02″E
Port Of Long Beach: 33 43’41.33″N,118 14’45.02″W
RO-ROs at Port Of Long Beach:
 Also, command ship for Sealaunch. 33 44’40.97″N,118 13’32.08″W
Pascougola Naval Shipyard: 30 21’08.19″N,88 34’29.81″W
Edwards AFB, Nasa Dryden: 34 54’42.83″N,117 52’40.76″W
Global Hawk UAV: 34 53’56.73″N,117 52’27.89″ W
B-1Bs: 34 54’11.03″N,117 52’29.56″W
Boeing Phantom Eye: 34 56’10.13″N,117 53’19.73″W
Ammo Dump: 34 53’02.33″N,117 52’33.83″W
Balad Airbase, Iraq: 33 56’28.73″N,44 22’1.06″E
Truck Convoy at Gates: 33 54’57.11″N,44 22’24.31″E
Choppers: 33 55’54.02″N,44 21’48.67″E
Predator UAVs: 33 56’02.99″N,44 22’41.25″E
Russian Naval Base(Murmansk): 69 5’00.37″N,33 25’13.59″E
Area 51: (You can’t see anything) 37 15’12.39″N,115 48’44.06″W
Bucketwheels, German Strip Mine: 50 55’32.65″N,6 30’18.93″E
Russian Mobile ICBM Base: 56 42’14.59″N,40 26’28.17″E
Belarus Airbase (MIGs, Su-27s): 53 5’21.92″N,26 1’48.47″E
Minuteman III ICBM Silo: 47 24’31.36″N,111 42’29.62″W
Nevada Test Site (Nuke Tests): 37 09’00.36″N,116 03’30.05″W
Lockheed Martin Skunk Works: 34 37’08.86″N,118 06’56.17″W
B-1Bs, Dyess, AFB: 32 24’53.32″N, 99 50’52.37″W
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