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Russian Akula-class Attack Subs Patrolling US Coastal Waters

A story reminiscent of the cold-war submarine tailing and territorial water patrols (see Sontag and Drew’s great book Blind Man’s Bluff), 2 Russian nuclear attack subs have been paroling the coastal waters of the US. The New York Times broke the story a few weeks ago and Bill Gertz followed up with additional detail suggesting that one of the subs had gone undetected through the Gulf of Mexico. The nature of brinksmanship and submarine espionage requires hiding ones capabilities of detection while pushing the limits of stealth in other’s territorial waters. In reality we can assume that nothing goes undetected across the Atlantic or Pacific and numerous classified US Naval capabilities were tracking at least every-other move of this ghostly intruder, likely recording invaluable data to aid in the future tracking.

The Akula‘s are designed to destroy our ballistic missile submarines to prevent them from launching a ballistic missile strike, but the last place to do that is close to American shores. Our SSBNs are likely lurking only a few hundred miles off the coast of the Eurasian continent where they can end life as we know it in under 15 minutes.

This expeditionary deployment does point to a more aggressive stance of the Russian military.


The New Area 51

Area 51 abandoned? Operations shifted elsewhere? According to Popular Sciencethere are no more “UFO” sightings, guards in Jeeps, and advanced unattendedground sensors. On the other hand we have the very enthusiastic Groom Lake observer Norio Hayakawa who claims it is actually expanding and Wired backs it up with some good research. So no worries, tons of cool shit is still taking place. I figured it was still worth checking out the alleged replacements for the Dreamland Resort.
Michael Army Air Field, UT
Dugway Proving Grounds, UT
Hollman Air Force Base, NM
Green River(Utah) Launch Complex

Green River is shut down, but played a large role in the development of the US missile arsenal. An unlikely successor or even peer to Area 51 considering you can walk right up to it. Michael and the Dugway Proving Grounds are quite interesting peers to Area 51. Michael was selected as one of 3 landing sites for the cancelled X-33. The fields location at the 1,200 square mile Dugway Proving Ground makes it the ideal location for testing operations. The proving grounds also support research for the U.S. defense against chemical and biological weapons. The remote site is perfect for such high risk research and in the past has been used for open air tests of chemical and biological weapons. Holoman Air Force Base is definitely a peer to Area 51, hosting the QF-4 drone squadron and being the nations home base and training location for the F-117 stealth fighter. Both Holloman and Michael are really secret bases, but they represent ideal locations to test lower profile stealth and low-observable unmanned aerial vehicle technologies. Satellite Photos:
Michael Army Airfield: 40°11’48.76″N 112°56’37.90″W - MichaelsAAF.kmz
Holloman Air Force Base: 32°55’36.79″N ?106°15’1.41″W - Holloman AFB.kmz
Green River Launch Complex: 32°55’36.79″N ?106°15’1.41″W

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