A plastic garbage deposits the size of Texas floats in the middle of the Pacific Ocean

An Albatros that ingested dozens of pieces of plastic

Massive deposits of plastic have collected in the North Pacific Gyre, an area of converging ocean currents. Unavoiadably these polutants get into the marine food chain. That is the same food chain we utilize for human consumption. Just the number of plastic bags thrown away this year is staggering:

Plastic bags consumed this year:

Video of it

So now we need a major cultural change. As a society, we need to ask for paper, not plastic bags at the market. Bring a travel mug to Starbucks instead of throwing away 1-2 plastic lids a day. Don’t buy food and products packaged in plastic (so pretty much everything, how frustrating!).

Most importantly, talk about these steps with your peers, since a major societal change is the only thing that will keep us from causeing our own extinction.